What is it like to bring the Technical University of Moldova thousands of kilometers away, among famous London buildings, which came to be part of your life? And how does all of this relate to the passion for chemistry, physics, but also for the technology of preparing special culinary delights? Through CEGHID, we shed light on this topic of #UTMstudies.

For Iana BRAGA, a fourth year student at the Faculty of Food Technology, Department of Food and Nutrition, specialty “Technology and management of public catering”, these factors are what frames her profession and purpose. Embracing the career of a chef, she chose the Faculty of Food Technology within the only technical-engineering institution in the country – the Technical University of Moldova. In the advanced laboratories of the FTA, under the auspices of its professors, she had the opportunity to investigate and experiment with a wide range of technologies and mixtures, understanding and assimilating the process of transforming ingredients into culinary masterpieces. And because Iana wanted to reach the furthermost points of the field she is passionate about, she managed to explore and  study the culinary art of other countries, completing her internship as part of her diploma project in one of London’s most coveted hotel destinations.

“At the Technical University of Moldova, I managed to fulfill a great dream!”, says Iana. She urges other young people: “Choose to be part of the most dynamic university in the country – here you can benefit from multiple opportunities and you can fulfill your life dreams!”

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