UTM – the Technical University of Moldova, represented by Vice-Rector Dinu ȚURCANU and CEGHID Director Radu MELNIC, in agreement with the FabLab Chișinău activists, continue to support the initiative to manufacture visors and donate them to the frontline staff, launched by the activists from Romania Viziere.ro and implemented in the Republic of Moldova through the online platform Viziere.md, in partnership with COR Creative Industries Association in Moldova and Artcor. In this context, yesterday, our activists donated 2️0️0️ visors for the Border Police, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova.

As a token of consideration for the professionals exposed to a permanent risk of contamination while doing their job, the donation was accompanied by a message of gratitude and appreciation for the daily work provided by border guards.

At the same time, a special message of gratitude was addressed to the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mariana GRAMA, who always offers unconditional support to activists. The message was also addressed to the President of the Association of Christian Policemen of the Republic of Moldova, Anatol ANDRIUŢĂ, who donated financial resources for the manufacture of 800 visors for the Border Police:

✅ 200 for the National Patrol Inspectorate of the IGP

✅ 200 for the General Inspectorate of Carabiniers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

✅ 200 for the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova

✅ 200 for the Border Police.

🔴 For details about how you can become a #Donor and #SaveLives, access the link: https://viziere.md/ro/

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