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FIEB: Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Logistics

On April 15th, 2020, the Department of Economic Theory and Marketing within the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business organized the final exam for undergraduate students of the “Marketing and Logistics” program.

Under the circumstances of remote learning, imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the test was conducted online, on the Microsoft Teams platform.

The Committee for the Bachelor’s exam, consisting of prof., Dr. Alexandru GRIBINCEA – president; head of the TEM Department, associate professor, Dr. Veaceslav BÂRDAN – vice-president; head of the “Marketing and Logistics” program, associate professor, Dr. Lilia CHIRIAC; associate professor, Dr. Valentina CHILDESCU – member; lect. Arianda GORBATIUC – secretary, assessed the students of groups ML-171 and ML-161 (part-time).

This new educational methodology turned out to be a unique and quite effective experience for the Republic of Moldova. Thus, an important step was taken towards the continuation of the educational process and the successful completion of higher education. The members of the Committee appreciated the commitment, discipline and desire of the “Marketing and Logistics” students to pass the final Bachelor’s exam.

The objectivity and punctuality with which the online exam was organized and conducted was remarked by both teachers and students, whose results were not influenced by the conduct of the final exam.

Before receiving their diploma of graduation, the students will have to complete another step – defense of their Bachelor’s theses.

“ – Of course, we would prefer this step to be taken while facing the student directly, but, given the current circumstances, we will comply with the situation. This is why, while students are working on their theses, teachers identify, analyze and test the best possible ways to conduct the exam online. What is certain is that, regardless of the impediments created by the pandemic, the students of the “Marketing and Logistics” program will surely and proudly be graduates of the prestigious Technical University of Moldova,” concluded Veaceslav BÂRDAN, Head of the TEM Department, Vice-President of the Committee for the Bachelor’s examination.

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