Today, the Career Information and Guidance Center (CEGHID) of the Technical University of Moldova directs our attention to the #UTMstudies of the specialty “Mechanical Engineering”, the option “Machines and devices in the food industry” (MAIA) within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport (FIMIT), but also to the successful career of its graduate, Ruslan ȚĂRNĂ, currently technical director of the company “Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery”.

Throughout the years, he kept an active connection with Alma Mater, offering  internships for students within the company, but also grants for the best Bachelor theses in the field. The fight against Covid-19 has once again led us to join our forces against it, UTM offering “Vitanta” employees visors made by volunteers from CEGHID and FabLab, at the request of the partner company.

Ruslan ȚĂRNĂ proudly declares himself a UTM-FIMIT graduate, revealing that a large part of the employees of the largest beer producer in Moldova graduated from the MAI specialty within FIMIT-UTM. As the manager of “Vitanta”, he appreciates the knowledge obtained in his studies at UTM for both his Bachelor and his PhD degree, knowledge that later helped him to understand production processes on a deeper level and to successfully manage a company.

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