It has become a tradition that, during this period in spring, the University Center for Career Information and Guidance brings UTM to every high school in the republic. Despite the pandemic situation, CEGHID will continue to talk about the importance of UTM study programs, this initiative being firmly supported by many Bachelor, Master’s students and graduates of UTM.

Ana-Maria BALAN studies the technology of wine and fermentation products at the Faculty of Food Technology of UTM and says that the most beautiful thing in life is to love what you do. Born among territories covered by vineyards, she loves everything about wines – from the vine to the final product. College studies have helped her make her childhood passion a profession through which to carry on the tradition of her family of winemakers.

Being in her 4th year of studies, she is already employed as a technologist at the “Podgoria Vin” SRL winery, where the tradition of grape processing has been learned by locals from ancient times, and the taste, aroma and flavour of wines are the result of classic type processing technologies, thus combining the past and the present to form quality wines.

She urges other young people to follow their dreams and do what they love most in life. Her choice was the Faculty of Food Technology of the Technical University of Moldova! As its representative, she is convinced that Engineers create the Future!

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