Frontline doctors are sacrificing themselves in the fight against COVID-19 for the sake of our health and our lives. To support and protect them, young people from FabLab collect ski and swimming goggles, adjusting them to the needs of personal protective equipment for medical personnel.

As the medical system faces an acute shortage of individual protective equipment, cooperation and solidarity are incredibly important right now. Ski and swimming goggles would be an ideal protection solution.

The idea of ​​adjusting them to the necessity of paramedics and auxiliary staff in hospitals was inspired by the Goggles for Docs campaign launched in the USA, in which, in just a few days, over 15,000 goggles were collected. The initiative was taken over by New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Chile and other countries.

In the Republic of Moldova, this is now a prerogative of UTM and FabLab, being taken over by the UTM Vice-Rector, Dinu Țurcanu, and two volunteers: Daniel Traci and Andrian Adam. The goggles are collected at FabLab Chișinău, str. Studenților 9/11, by Vladimir Scutelnic. For more details, call: 069474011.

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