In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Francophone University Agency has adopted the “AUF Special Plan for COVID-19 Pandemic“, which provides for more proceedings for the benefit of its members and partners, but also for the reorganization of its internal functioning with a generalization of the remote working in the 60 AUF regional local offices around the world.

Free opportunities of organizing and managing online training

AUF helps its members free of charge in realizing the technical and pedagogical support for designing and developing the online training modules, through the LMS platform; creating and suggesting technical and pedagogical support for organizing and animating virtual classes through the Francophonie Institute for Engineering – Remote Learning (IFIC); through the «Transfer» device for setting up online training workshops in the field of health crisis, with free access; proposing a collaborative space accessible through the ANEUF platform to facilitate exchanges and transfer of expertise between young researchers.

Financial and technical support of young researchers in their initiatives regarding the pandemic

AUF will launch, starting from April 9th, 2020, an international call for applications, coming to the attention of universities and member research centers around the world to support the initiatives of students and young researchers linked to the health crisis, which are approved by the national health authorities, 

Logistic support for AUF partner health networks in their actions aimed at combating COVID-19

AUF took the first actions through the International Conference of Deans of the Faculties of Medicine of French Expression (CIDMEF) regarding a program to help Francophone medical faculties cope with the pandemic.

Valuing scientific and university information

A «COVID-19» newsletter is published every week. The bulletin includes a series of useful publications related to the pandemic: diagnoses, solutions and initiatives advocated by the academic environment in general and AUF partners in particular.

AUF has partnered with the International Association of Universities (AIU) three-language investigation into the impact of COVID on universities around the world.

Free access to all AUF digital resources

AUF proposes a number of useful resources, through its digital library «BNEUF», which has more than 11 million resources available for free and accessible to all students and researchers, and lists 18,000 experts through the Atlas of Francophone Expertise.

Free access is provided by AUF partners through BNEUF, in particular: EDUNAO (educational technology platforms for broadcasting courses); Microsoft (6 months free offer for its collaborative platforms); Nomad Education; Numérique Premium; OpenClassrooms; FUN MOOC; Agorize; YouScribe; Dalloz publishers. To access these offers (open access codes):

Didactic video productions on «University governance in times of crisis»

AUF develops videos, which will be published shortly, about university governance in times of crisis based on a set of testimonials from those in charge of higher education and research. An online teaching device noticed by the management teams of the AUF member universities will also be made available through the Francophonie Institute for University Governance (IFGU), as well as post-crisis case studies will be conducted to identify, study and value the best practices, highlighting the tools that have contributed to increasing the efficiency of university governance in times of crisis.

«Facing the magnitude of this health crisis, AUF had to rapidly adapt its course of operation to ensure the continuity of its activities and to efficiently help its member universities and partners around the world. This ambitious plan will allow us to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the mobilization of our network and the solidarity that is at the base of our actions», said Professor Slim Khalbous, Rector of AUF.

See the full version of the AUF Action Plan specifically for the COVID-19 pandemic

The University Agency of Francophonie (AUF) is the first university network in the world with 990 member institutions in 118 countries and 59 regional local offices on 5 continents. Founded 60 years ago, AUF implements resolutions in many fields such as training, research, university governance, entrepreneurship and professional insertion of young people or sustainable development.

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