Under current conditions, the motto #StayHOME would also mean #MovingUniversityHOME. We have many beautiful examples in this regard, one of which highlights the interest in philosophy of the students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport.

Even if we are stuck in the online environment, no one stops us from enjoying the freedom of dialogizing, meditating or philosophizing. You wouldn’t guess how many students interested in philosophy there actually are at UTM and how they manage to meditate on the problems of life, even remotely. Professor of philosophy Mrs. Viorelia LUNGU, PhD in the Department of Social & Human Sciences, which is said, at UTM, to be a living encyclopedia, planted in the hearts of future mechanical engineers the passion for this science. Referring to technology, through the Microsoft Teams application, she moved her philosophy lessons online.

The lecture on “Contemporary Philosophy” gathered a whole crowd of first year students, FIMIT – groups DI-191, IM-191, IMCM-191, IMT-191, ITA-191, 192, MIFSC-191, TCM-191! Future engineers in industrial design; in mechanical engineering; engineering and management in the construction of cars; transport engineering and management; car transport engineering; cars and refrigeration systems; air conditioning systems; machine building technology, have approached contemporary philosophy from the perspective of rationalists, but also empiricals, going through political philosophy and reaching idealism. The topic of the lesson was also analyzed in perspective to the current problems that society is facing, reaching philosophical conclusions about real life.

The “German Classic Philosophy” fitted in just perfectly within the online debates, the students showing a special interest in the issues addressed by Kant – The critique of pure reason, Prolegomena, How is science possible, Forms of knowledge: space and time, What is the role of technology in this knowledge? or in Hegel’s philosophy – about the Absolute Spirit, the dialectical development or the history of the “Idea”, which, after being externalized in nature, comes to be performed in forms of culture: art, religion, philosophy. The students also expressed interest in the concept of identity philosophy disseminated by Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Ritter von Schelling, as well as in the philosophical approaches of Fichte, Hegel, Feuerbach, and other thinkers.

Considering the current circumstances, the students declared themselves willing to attend online studies. In this case, the philosophy of life is one: studies cannot be suspended altogether. Learning by yourself and discussing the most burning issues during online classes is the ideal solution for this period. Most of the 72 students in the given group already use Moodle – Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment platform, a free Open Source learning software. Every day, more and more students are exploring the applications and tools of the virtual learning space on both Moodle and Microsoft Teams.

Professor Viorelia LUNGU is proud of her students:

– I am glad to see that, as the days go by, our students show maturity in their thinking and initiatives. The current circumstances do not stop them from studying – it is the main teaching I wanted to deliver to them. Congratulations, dear students! Congratulations, UTM!

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