Information technologies have become essential in our daily lives, now more than ever. We go online to communicate, work, shop and even visit each other. We also moved the school online, relying on software platforms in the educational process. This shift has been imposed vehemently by COVID-19, which we accepted and took responsibility for, the online environment now becoming our lifesaver. Dinu ȚURCANU, Vice-Rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, together with his family, joined the campaign initiated by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova “Be RESPONSIBLE! Your classroom is HOME!”.

– Starting as a childhood passion of mine, computers and today’s technology have become part of my life. I am happy to say this both as a teacher of IT disciplines at the Technical University of Moldova, and as an administrative board representative, responsible for the computerization field also, but especially as a parent, because my children, just like their peers, are very good friends with technology.

As a teacher and a parent, I have always viewed young people’s passion for technologies as a necessity, but also as a preparation and improvement of the future – for the younger ones, such as my children. Now, however, our passions, as we see, have become a preparation for life overall, technologies turning out to be in the leading position not only for the general development, but also as an indispensable source of communication. Again, under the current quarantine conditions imposed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the internet becomes the only link for many of us with the rest of the world, a highly necessary connection for employees in various fields, but especially for students and teachers in schools. And because any class or lecture involves, for the most part, a dialogue, due to already having experience using various social networks and online platforms, in these conditions, we stream the classes on the Internet.

As a teacher and Vice-Rector, I am glad that this dialogue, which replaces the traditional classes, is going very beautifully between our teachers and our students, but also with high school students, to whom the UTM teachers teach online preparatory courses for the Baccalaureate exam. I am happy for my children too, and I sincerely thank the teachers who have learned the skill of online teaching so that students can make a significant leap forward in their studying process at home.

My suggestion and advice to teachers and parents, but also to university and high school students, is to keep this connection alive, because online school, under the current conditions, is the most appropriate solution. It is, if you will, our rescue, and an important aid for the national educational system. We move teaching courses, doing homework, going to the library, giving in various assignments and writing tests, on the online medium. Online school is the solution for avoiding suspension of the study process, while keeping us and our children safe. Together with our loved ones, let’s be supportive and stay at home, our school is online.

Dinu Țurcanu, prorectorul Universității Tehnice din Moldova s-a alăturat campaniei inițiate de Ministerul Educației, Culturii și Cercetării Fii RESPONSABIL! Clasa ta e ACASĂ!

✅Dinu Țurcanu, prorectorul Universității Tehnice din Moldova s-a alăturat campaniei inițiate de Ministerul Educației, Culturii și Cercetării Fii RESPONSABIL! Clasa ta e ACASĂ!✅„…În calitate de profesor și prorector mă bucur că acest dialog, substituind orele tradiționale, s-a închegat foarte frumos între studenții și profesorii noștri, dar și cu liceenii cărora profesorii UTM le predau lecții de pregătire pentru Bacalaureat. Mă bucur și pentru copiii mei și aduc sincere mulțumiri profesorilor care au însușit din mers arta predării online și altfel elevii fac un salt uriaș în însușirea temelor de acasă. Îndemnul meu către profesori și părinți, dar și către elevi și studenți este să țină vie această legătură pentru că școala online în aceste condiții este cea mai potrivită. Este, dacă vrei, salvarea sistemului nostru educațional. Trecem pe online predarea lecțiilor, scrierea temelor pentru acasă, mersul la bibliotecă, susținerea diverselor proiecte, dar și evaluărilor. Online este soluția pentru a nu stopa procesul de studii, protejându-ne atât pe noi cât și pe copiii noștri. #StămAcasă #FiiRESPONSABIL! #ClasataeACASĂ!

Опубликовано Ministerul Educației, Culturii și Cercetării al Republicii Moldova Вторник, 7 апреля 2020 г.

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