Over 100 protective visors for doctors, manufactured at FabLab Chișinău, with the support of the Technical University of Moldova, were shipped today to the District Hospital in Nisporeni.

At the initiative of the rector of UTM, Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, the vice-rector Dinu ȚURCANU, the director of the Career Guidance and Information Center Radu MELNIC and the CEGHID deputy director Natalia ȘESTENCO, the Technical University of Moldova strongly supports the initiative to produce visors and donate them to the medical system, launched by the group of activists from Romania viziere.ro and implemented in the Republic of Moldova through the online platform viziere.md, in partnership with the Creative Industries Association of Moldova – COR.

Today, the first 100 transparent screens have already arrived at the Nisporeni District Hospital. It is the merit of the enthusiastic manufacturers from FabLab Chișinău – Vitalie GLADÎȘ (director) and of his teammates Vladimir AMBARLII and Vladimir SCUTELNIC, who made these essential protective equipment for the medical staff.

The visors are made of PET-G with the help of laser cutters – a simple product with an important and indispensable role for the activity of the doctors, who are on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19.

After the student-volunteers made over 1000 reusable masks at ZIPhouse, further donating them to medical institutions, but also to quarantined colleagues, and psychologists-professors opened an online counseling office for anxiety management, UTM fights the virus with a new initiative – the manufacture of protective visors for doctors.

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