Today, the high school students preparing for the Baccalaureate exams had the opportunity to attend an exceptional recapitulation of chemistry, but also to go through an important topic – “Categories of inorganic compounds”, with the charismatic professor Iurie SUBOTIN, assoc. prof., Dr. in Chemistry, from the Department of Oenology and Chemistry of the Faculty of Food Technology, Technical University of Moldova.

Even if the foundations of this topic are already taught in the eighth grade, based on his experience as an evaluator of BAC exams, Professor Subotin found it necessary to come up with some clarifications for both high school students from the exact sciences branch and the social branch. Thus, the audience on the other side of the screen had the opportunity to recap important aspects of the given topic, after which they proceeded to solve a series of example tests.

Referring to inorganic compounds, the teacher highlighted the nomenclature, definition, their chemical properties and examples for each description, pointing out important aspects that high school students should take into account at the BAC exam, such as indicating exceptions (if they exist), writing the equations and balancing them, remembering reaction and physical processes rules, emphasizing the importance of paying attention even to these basic principles. The correct approach to these aspects could help them a lot in the exam: increasing their score and grade, respectively.

The professor mentioned that the practice tests for the 2020 session were published on the website The live course continued with solving more difficult exercises for both the social sciences and the exact sciences branch, concluding with homework.

Lastly, the students were informed about the BAC preparation program for the next few days, the second chemistry lesson taking place on Wednesday, March 25th, starting at 11.00 am.

The lack of direct communication between the teacher and the students was replaced by comments left under the live broadcast, quoting: 

“I feel like I’m at Oxford or Cambridge University! Thanks for the lesson, Professor!”

#CHIMIE (pregătire pentru #BAC) cu Iurie Subotin

Опубликовано UTM – Universitatea Tehnica a Moldovei Среда, 18 марта 2020 г.

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