After the cessation of the Covid-19 imposed quarantine, we will return to the classrooms. And for UTM – comfortable “tech” study spaces are a permanent objective.

“There are many good things that have already been done at UTM, which we are proud of, but the renovation process does not cease. Work is currently conducted on the Botanica campus – this year, students from the Faculty of Construction, Geodesy and Cadastre and the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business will enjoy a new multifunctional university auditorium, which will meet the modern requirements for studies, conferences , scientific-practical symposia, etc., organized by the respective faculties and subdivisions of the Botanica campus”, said the Vice-Rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication of UTM, Dinu Țurcanu.

We remind you that, during the autumn of 2019, a similar amphitheater was renovated on the Botanica campus.

“It is up to us how we (re)build our institution, nothing prevents us from making the Technical University of Moldova work better every day. Together, with diligence and wisdom, we can contribute to the maintenance of UTM’s status as the most prestigious institution of technical higher education, but also as a modern, innovative, open university”, concluded the Vice-Rector of UTM.

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