The training courses for the BAC exams, initiated by the Technical University of Moldova two weeks ago, today continued in the online environment, and the live Mathematics course, gathered over 700 viewers in front of their screens.

Today’s topic – “Logarithms. Calculation. Equations and inequations”, was taught by the formidable mathematics professors of UTM – associate professor, Dr. Ion Jardan and associate professor, Dr. Ana Costaș, who solved a series of examples live. The increased number of viewers was to be expected, judging by the attendance at the previous courses and the convenient format that allows students to enjoy the lessons from home! 

After the transmission, the video will remain uploaded for viewing. Thus, everyone who didn’t make it to the live session, can still enjoy the recording. The lessons were not limited to writing on the board or to the teacher’s speech on the topic. One the contrary, in the digital “lecture halls” of UTM, a modern lesson also involves dialogue, questions and answers, interventions, and demonstrations. The professors urged the viewers to be as active as possible, to ask any questions they might have, and, so as not to waste time typing, the lecturers accepted photos of the questions as well. 

Up next is the Computer Science lesson, which will soon begin.

#MATEMATICĂ: pregătire pentru #BAC

Опубликовано UTM – Universitatea Tehnica a Moldovei Суббота, 14 марта 2020 г.

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