Maria ȘESTACOV, student-architect in her fourth year in the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, UTM, won the DAS Award “Best Swimming Pool Project” for the city of Chișinău.

For the first time, DAS Publishing House and the Water Polo Federation of the Republic of Moldova organized a competition for the best swimming pool project.

During the DAS Award Gala, Deputy Mayor Victor CHIRONDA, President of the Water Polo Federation Vyacheslav BAYCHEV and the administrator of the NEOSTIL company for the construction of swimming pools, mentioned that the city of Chișinău needs a swimming pool that meets European standards.

The contest participants responded with innovative projects, and the winner, Maria ȘESTACOV, FUA-UTM student, competed for the prize with two other authors of equally impressive projects – David CHIRACOSEAN and Leonid DAMASCHIN.

The DAS award was followed by another 14 nominations, 10 of which, by the way, also went to the architects trained at FUA-UTM. We are pleased to publish the full list of winners:

  1. Architecture of public buildings – Maxim CALUJAC,
  2. Indoor commercial spaces – Dmitrii PETROV,
  3. Interior living spaces – Dmitrii PETROV,
  4. Conceptual spaces – Alexandru ZINGALIUC,
  5. Public interior spaces – Victor GROSU,
  6. Office interior – Maxim CALUJAC,
  7. Furniture design – Andrei GRAMAȚCHII,
  8. Polygraphic design – Ana STEJAR,
  9. Clothing design – Evgheni HUDOROJCOV,
  10. Architectural installations – Ana WIGANDT,
  11. Decorations – Vladimir PÂNZARU,
  12. Architectural Photography – Oleg BAJURA,
  13. Discovery of the year – Iuliana SCUTARU,
  14. Student competition – Maria ȘESTACOV.

Congratulations, dear UTM architects! 


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