The Technical University of Moldova and, in particular, the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, established a collaboration for strengthening a relationship through which they actualize their mission and main goal – to ensure the thorough training of young specialists in the field.

Today, the rector of UTM, prof., Dr. Viorel Bostan, in the presence of Zhang Fan – General Director of Huawei Technologies (Republic of Moldova), Li Baowei, Senior Cyber ​​Security Officer, Huawei; Jeff Bang, Chief Cyber ​​Security & Privacy Officer, Huawei; Andrei Slesari, Deputy Director of Huawei’s Representation in the Republic of Moldova, and Associate Professor, Dr. Dumitru Ciorbă, Dean of FCIM, signed the Collaboration and Partnership Agreement with Huawei.

The agreement provides for the implementation of Huawei Academy within UTM, which involves providing the necessary support to equip laboratories in the field of IT, training young specialists, continuous training of teachers, ensuring the transfer of experience from specialists within Huawei, a company that responded promptly to the invitation of UTM to develop a cooperative working relationship, whose ultimate goal will ensure, through the Authorised Information and Network Academy program (HAINA), the transfer of ICT technologies to UTM, and implicitly to FCIM.

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