The development of relationship with the academic environment of other European Universities, in order to create opportunities for cooperation and projects joint activities of common interest is one of the aims of the Road Infrastructure Safety Observatory (OSIR) within the TUM.

Thus, on 27/02/2020, the delegation of TUM representatives, the assistant professors, doctors Sergiu Bejan, dean of the FAUP and Ilie Bricicaru, director of the Road Infrastructure Safety Observatory visited the National Technical University of Athens, Greece (NTUA), where had a meeting with George Yannis, professor, director of the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering and respectively, of the Road Safety Observatory within it. During the meeting were discussed topics regarding possible cooperation on analysis of road accidents data and road safety improvements, but also cooperation in the scientific and academic field, including international projects of common interests.

An important topic for discussions was the development of the institutional and academic capacity of the OSIR in the regional framework, especially for the hosting of the Regional Road Safety Observatory within the EU Eastern Partnership. The participation under an International Consortium for this project will be an opportunity for developing a long-term partnership with benefits at national and regional level.

We sincerely thank Professor George Yannis and his colleagues, especially the researcher Katerina Folla, for their availability and support.

Note: The National Technical University of Athen’s Road Safety Observatory (, is a Center of Research and Innovation Excellence on Road Safety within the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering, with global recognition [ranked: 2nd in Europe and 6th worldwide (AAP 2018)].

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