The Technical University of Moldova maintains its connection with pre-university educational institutions. This time, in partnership with the General Directorate of Education, Youth and Sport of the Chișinău Municipal Council, the capital’s schools and high schools have delegated at UTM more than 150 representatives, managers and responsible staff for ensuring the functionality of the official WEB pages, at a seminar organized at the request of DGETS regarding ensuring the functionality and efficient use of the WEB pages of the general education institutions in the managerial and methodical activity.

Speaker – Dinu ȚURCANU, Vice-Rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, responsible of the revival of the UTM website, so that today, UTM is a leader among the universities of the Republic of Moldova, ranking 154th – in Central and Eastern Europe, 838th – in Europe and 2960th in the world, according to the latest report published by Ranking Web of Universities on January 28th, 2020, which analyzes over 28,000 universities worldwide.

DGETS is urging the pre-university educational institutions to create their own web pages. There are plenty of reasons for schools to be present on the World Wide Web. First of all, this means promoting the image of the institution, its educational offer, but also decision-making transparency, a close relationship with the current and potential beneficiaries. At the same time, a website also implies an active connectivity with social networks, so a greater openness to the target audience.

The dialogue with the users is simple and effective when the site contains the updated information about the services provided (educational offer); the contact details with the e-mail address of the members of the management team, the names of the teachers along with the discipline taught, the information regarding the presence in the social media sites, the address accompanied by a map indicating the means of transport circulating to the respective institution; news, announcements, decision-making transparency regarding the procurement process, budget, annual reports, but also a feedback form, which allows visitors to ask, thank or write a complaint – an otherwise useful act for both parties.

For educational institutions, openness, transparency in the World Wide Web plays a decisive role. The management team keeps the target audience informed with various official acts, decisions, decrees. The students, as well as the parents, are aware of the class schedule, the extracurricular activities program. Graduates can be informed from anywhere in the world how things are going at Alma Mater, set up online dialogues or even recurring meetings, which are not to be overlooked, especially when they want to offer material/financial support. A periodically updated web page also attracts the attention of the business people, in this way partnerships can be concluded, possible visits, trips, internships can be established or even the negotiation of various acquisitions. And for the general public, it is important to see the relevant news regarding the activity in these institutions.

Emphasizing the importance of a permanent dialogue between the institution and the public through the web page and the social networks, the Vice-Rector Dinu Țurcanu made numerous references to the steps that are being followed in this regard by UTM, and the examples provided have often awakened astonishment and admiration. For example, at UTM, the Association of Graduates is formed, which already anticipates a number of activities in support of Alma Mater; a permanent dialogue has already been established with various universities, but also organizations from different countries of the world, interested in the field of education; there is also an exchange of information with students that are abroad for visits, internships and mobilities.

The Vice-Rector offered to organize internships for UTM students in the pre-university institutions concerned, offering them support in the elaboration of the institution’s logo, the guide/booklet, the web page and its derivatives on various social networks – services that will be offered, obviously, for free, and their results will be presented in the reports for the internships or even in the theses of Bachelor’s students. In other words, a long-term cooperation is established, from which both sides are benefitting.

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