Elena BOCANCEA, Cristina ANDREI and Nely MOROȘAN, students of the study program “Design and polygraphic technologies”, gr. DTP-171, the Faculty of Textile and Polygraphy, are the winners of the contest “The best commercial poster”, held under the auspices of the Editorial-Polygraphic House BONS OFFICES.

The contest was initiated by the BONS OFFICES Editorial-Polygraphic House and coordinated by the respective study program within the FTP. The students’ works were printed by the company BONS OFFICES and exhibited in the Training Department for visualization, evaluation and appreciation. The judges, made up of the director Ion CHIHAI, the designers Mihai BĂȚ, Petru STRÂMBEANU and other representatives of the company, performed a wide analysis of the works, offering valuable recommendations to the students.

The university lecturer Luminița ROȘCA, who coordinated the elaboration of the DTP students’ works for the contest, expressed her gratitude to the Editorial-Polygraphic House BONS OFFICES for the offered opportunity and for supporting the educational process in the field, emphasizing that the efforts made by the students were appreciated with cash prizes, first award being won by student Elena BOCANCEA, second, by Cristina ANDREI, and the third prize by Nely MOROȘAN.

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