The UTM Senate examined, during yesterday’s meeting, a topic of utmost importance for promoting the image and values ​​of UTM in the context of the professional orientation of students of the pre-university institutions and centers of excellence in the engineering specialties within UTM. An extensive report on the activity of the University Center for Career Information and Guidance was presented by the director of CEGHID, Radu Melnic.

Referring to the main activities carried out by CEGHID during the year 2019, the director emphasized that they focused mainly on informing the students in the pre-university environment about the faculties and study programs within UTM; advising students in choosing their specialty and building a successful professional career. CEGHID followed a complex action plan in this regard, organizing and ensuring a massive participation of students in the preparatory courses for the Baccalaureate exams in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Artistic Drawing, their demand increasing from year to year: 160 students in 2018; 350 in 2019 and about 800 in 2020, which is an absolute national record.

In 2019, it registered a massive participation number (111 students), including the Republican Technical Olympiad on various subjects of study – Mathematics; Informatics; Chemistry; Physics; Artistic Drawing, whose winners, awarded with diplomas of first, second, third place and diplomas of mention, have facilities during the admission to UTM. In 2019, the Olympiad also expanded on the subjects of the Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, with which the first Olympiad for students of colleges/centers of excellence in the subjects Electrotechnics and Metrology, standardization and quality assurance, was organized, having 16 participants.

In the same context, the “Tânărul Creator” (Young Creator) contest includes two distinct fields: “Technical creativity” (devices, mechanisms, models, schemes, etc.) and “Artistic creativity: architecture, design, artistic drawing, painting, sculpture” (drawings, sketches, drawings, concepts, etc.) – 25 participants in 2019, compared to 13 in 2018.

The Open Doors Days at UTM, with over 400 participants, is experiencing growth in popularity, compared to the 250 participants in 2018; but also the event “Student for a day” in which, for three different periods (March 29-30th, April 12-13th, April 19-20th, 2019) about 400 students attended, compared to 231 in 2018. The exhibition “Creation unlocks the Universe”, at which more than 300 creative works of the Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral students of UTM were displayed, attracted hundreds of high-school, middle school and even elementary school students, which emphasizes the high level, complexity and attractiveness of the presented works. The exhibition also included an impressive engineering competition – “Rube Goldberg”, organized jointly with the BEST-Chișinău student team, as well as public lessons, practical and interactive workshops and an impressive Fashion Show.

CEGHID also carries out a dynamic activity externally, organizing numerous visits of the representative teams of UTM (made up of CEGHID representatives, teachers and students from different faculties) to the high schools in Chișinău municipality and most of the districts of the Republic – in Bălţi, Sângerei, Basarabeasca, Dubăsari, Teleneşti, Cantemir). These visits, which usually gather classes full of students, result in organized visits to the Technical University of Moldova. In such cases, the district/municipal education directorates get involved by organizing the transport of high-school students willing to visit the faculties, departments, laboratories, creative workshops, centers of excellence of UTM, but also the National Center of Space Technologies, the Astronomical Observatory and the open air Museum Park. UTM organized interactive presentations (mini-exhibitions) for the high school students from Bălţi, Comrat, Ceadâr-Lunga, Cahul, Sângerei, Hânceşti, Dubăsari, Anenii Noi, along with the exhibition of the works/projects elaborated by students. And in order for these high-school visits and visits to UTM to take on a legal framework, CEGHID establishes relations and concludes collaboration agreements with the Education Departments – from the municipality of Chișinău and from the districts of the Republic (Bălţi, Cahul, Hânceşti, Ungheni, Sângerei, Anenii Noi, Dubăsari); tripartite agreements between the Technical University of Moldova, UTA Gagauzia and students originating from UTA Gagauzia; or directly with the administrations of the institutions – in the case of colleges/centers of excellence, but also with the companies, which have been very much activate within the collaboration – at present, the network of partner companies of UTM comprises about 200 economic units. The companies are also fully involved in organizing the extracurricular courses “Professional career management” and “Marketing or personal promotion” for students, in providing advisory assistance on operative search strategies of a suitable place for an internship or a job; organizing round tables and meetings with graduates and business managers; the job fairs and internships; joint monitoring with departments of the graduates’ employment.

During the reporting period, there were organized: Chișinău Career Fair (April 12-13th, 2019); Skills for jobs Conference (May 14-15th); Career Fair in Engineering and Technology (May 15-16th); ICT Career Orientation, 9th edition (October 31st, 2019) – companies, entreprises, economic agents from various branches of the economy, both in the country and abroad, participated, proposing several job vacancies, as well as places for internships with potential employment opportunities in the field of work after graduation.

Internally, CEGHID collaborates intensively with the university subdivisions to organize and carry out various activities, meant to contribute to increasing the visibility of the University. In collaboration with the Directorate of Scientific Investigations, the event “Night of European Researchers” was organized in the open air Museum Park of UTM; the lecture on the history of the development of space sciences and technologies in Romania, held by the aeronautical engineer, the cosmonaut – the first and only in Romania, prof., Dr. Eng. Dumitru Dorin PRUNARIU, Doctor Honoris Causa of UTM; the specialization course on the design and manufacture basics of the “Métier Ingénieur Automobile” cars for students and teachers from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport; the public lecture with the Governor of the National Bank of Moldova; the participation in Innovatic Fest Roboshow as a partner (February – May 2019).

An intense activity takes place throughout the year, the results of which has gained the appreciation of the UTM Senate – an incentive that will inspire the CEGHID team to pursue a further prodigious activity.

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