The Technical University of Moldova is sparking the interest of the students eager to pursue engineering studies. This is also the case of the students from the College of Light Industry in Bălți, who paid a visit to the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy.

Passionate about modeling, designing and technology of fabrics and knitwear, a whole group made up mainly of girls, accompanied by their teachers, were welcomed by the associate professor, Dr. Marcela IROVAN, head of the Department of Design and Technologies in Textiles and Polygraphy, who presented the study programs offered by the faculty.

The students from Bălți observed the study conditions within the Textile and Polygraphy Faculty, by visiting the lecture halls and the laboratory rooms. They also had the opportunity of getting involved in a practical clothing design activity using the Gemini CAD automated design system. Under the guidance of the university lecturer Elena FLOREA-BURDUJA they managed to design various models of skirts.

The study conditions, the openness of the teachers and students with whom they interacted, encouraged them to choose to continue their studies at the Faculty of Textile and Polygraphy.

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