Year by year, the students who have reached the stage of writing their thesis are put in front of an open fair: there are more and more announcements about the sale of these works on the pillars around the educational institutions and on social networks. Respectively, with a few hundred euros anyone can get a written thesis. How to prevent this scourge?

Requested to speak on this subject by the reporters of the TV station Moldova1, in the main newsletter of the day – “Messenger”, Dinu ȚURCANU, vice-rector for for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, UTM, stated that in fighting with plagiarized or purchased theses, universities develop and implement anti-plagiarism software. The Technical University of Moldova has been using such a modern program for three years.

– It is a system that can check very quickly the similarity of several works. Since I implemented this software, very few theses with a similarity have been identified, because these are still technical projects and it is more complicated to plagiarize them. Last year I had about 11 theses with a similarity of more than 20 percent. The main purpose of the system is to prevent plagiarism and to suggest to students that they have to work independently on theses, said UTM vice-rector Dinu ŢURCANU.

Students caught with such purchased works risk being expelled.

University representatives consider that the state institutions can detect them and identify these individuals. It would be an opportunity to stop this phenomenon.

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