On the International Day of Girls and Women active in Science, marked throughout the world on February 11th, the news site www.agora.md published an interview with prof. Rodica Sturza, head of the Department of Oenology and Chemistry of the Faculty of Food Technology, UTM, through which she portrayed women in science shoulder to shoulder with men.

She took the first steps in science at the Technical University of Moldova, as a professor at the Chemistry department. Long years of research and perseverance followed – experience through which she realized that the secret to success lies in being organized and motivated, but also that women can do anything, shoulder to shoulder with men. That is why she encourages his college and university colleagues to never lose sight of their goals, to follow with tenacity their ideas and beliefs, which will certainly lead them to success.

She always enjoyed research for being the path to satisfying her need for knowledge. Hence she chose to work in the field of chemistry, and later in the field of food safety and  vinification. Day by day she discovers the secrets of wine-making and considers that wine is a living system, which is in a perpetual metamorphosis.

She is convinced that women have an important place in science and noted that their number is constantly increasing. “Women have demonstrated with pride that they can do anything, no worse than a man. When I was a student at the Faculty of Chemistry, there were 20 girls and five boys in the group. Today, in the group I work in, the ratio is half and half. The male colleagues are very receptive and there were almost no cases of not supporting me and my initiatives”, observes prof. Rodica Sturza.

And her colleague, the head of the Center of Oenological Research, Iurie Scutaru, confirms that working with women brings beautiful results: “It is a pleasure to work with intelligent, curious women, predisposed to look for some truths and some depths in the intimacy of things.”

The UN General Assembly has decided to proclaim February 11th the International Day for Girls and Women active in Science, thus welcoming the efforts of the United Nations for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), the UN Department for Gender Equality and Women’s Emancipation (UN-Women), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and other organizations to encourage and support girls’ and women’s access to and participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education, training and research at all levels.

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