Today, everything that means development in engineering, technology and innovation, cultivated within UTM – the engineering institution of higher education in the republic, has been spread in four high schools in the capital.

It is the merit of the team of the University Center for Career Information and Guidance (CEGHID) represented by the director Radu Melnic, the deputy director Natalia ȘESTENCO and Elena Russu, who, together with the enthusiastic teachers Iurie IVANOV from the Faculty of Construction, Geodesy and Cadastre, Eugenia BOAGHI from the Faculty of Food Technology and the active students Maria CERNEI from the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications and Diana TIMERCAN from the Faculty of Food Technology had a beautiful dialogue on how to build a professional future at the Technical University of Moldova with the students of the graduating classes in the high schools “Olimp”, “George Meniuc”, “Traian” and “Liviu Rebreanu” from Chișinău.

The students were very interested in the prospects opened by the studies conducted at the Technical University of Moldova in the most dynamic fields of the national economy, but also by the multiple facilities that they can benefit from during the admission period, if they attend the training courses for the Baccalaureate exams and then successfully pass the BAC exams or if they achieve good results at the Republican Technical Olympiad and the “Young Creator” Contest organized by UTM. Also, the students noted the events they can participate in:  “Creation opens the Universe” Exhibition, the Open Doors Days at UTM and the “Student for a Day at UTM”.

The CEGHID team expresses sincere gratitude to the management of the faculties, to all the teachers and students who have accepted to join the actions of promoting the UTM specialties in the high schools and colleges of the Republic of Moldova, thus helping the future admission candidates to orient themselves in the broad spectrum of the professions of the future and to make the right choice.

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