The collaboration through joint activities between the Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering (FEIE) and the Association of Installation Engineers of the Republic of Moldova (AIIRM) in the educational and professional area for professional orientation/development was the objective of the Collaboration Memorandum Agreement, signed on February 3rd, 2020, for an unlimited term.

It is the first Agreement signed by the FEIE in 2020 and anticipates the following commitments:

  • Participation in the elaboration of the initial and continuous training programs according to the needs of the installers market in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Organization, through the partnerships, of different technical-scientific and engineering events, which would directly contribute to the growth of the capacities and abilities of the installing engineers in the private sector;
  • Support in organizing internships, trainings, retraining of technical-engineering personnel;
  • Publication of scientific articles, as well as participation in different specialized technical committees set up by central public bodies;
  • Participation in the approval of the educational and technical documents, regarding the continuous training of the engineering staff in the field of installations, etc.

For the execution of the goals of this Agreement-Memorandum, FEIE and AIIRM will delegate the people responsible for specifying the objectives, at least once a year, in order to capitalize on the scopes of this Agreement and to specify the subsequent joint activities.

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