More than 100 students of the Theoretical High School of Arts “Mihail Berezovschi” from Chișinău had the opportunity to have their first tête-à-tête with the UTM representatives, who came to talk to them about the only higher education institution of engineering in Moldova – the Technical University of Moldova.

The dialogue focused on the possibilities of the high school students to continue their studies at the top-ranked university in the Republic of Moldova according to the Webometrics world ranking – an indicator that improved their views on UTM. The high schoolers learned about the most successful and prosperous actions of UTM from its representatives in matters of professional orientation – the team of the University Center for Career Information and Guidance: director Radu MELNIC, deputy director Natalia ȘESTENCO and Elena RUSSU, which drew their attention to the technical-engineering sciences. We’re talking about the free preparatory courses for the Baccalaureate exams, which can be attended at UTM from February 15th until the beginning of May, on Saturdays; the “Student for a day at UTM” campaign, which coincides in time with the preparation courses for the BAC exams, in order to offer the opportunity to explore UTM on the inside; The contest “Young creator”, focused on technical creativity, but also artistic creativity: architecture, design, artistic drawing, painting, sculpture (submission of works: February 16th – March 31st) and the Technical Olympiad for the basic disciplines of UTM – mathematics, artistic drawing (March 28th), Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science (April 11th), whose winners will have benefits at admission to UTM.

The receptivity of the high school students was at its highest point, thanks to the common interests regarding the field of choice of the students and the opportunities UTM has to offer. Founded a quarter of a century ago and recognized as an innovative institution, the Theoretical High School of Arts “Mihail Berezovschi” in Chișinău combines in-depth study of some disciplines in the field of arts with those of exact sciences. The meeting was attended by two classes with math inclination and two of humanities and arts inclination. Hence the interest of the high school students for the different specialties of UTM: from decorative arts, architecture and design to computer science and various technologies.

A special thank you to the wonderful director Ana EREMEI-BEREZOVSCHI, as well as to the teachers and students of this high school – for their hospitality, but also for their interest in the technical-engineering sciences. UTM is always open for creative students!

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