113 PhD students in three doctoral schools – the solid arsenal of the present and the future in the field of research and innovation of the Technical University of Moldova. It is also the significant pillar of quality assurance and the consolidation of higher doctoral studies, considers the PhD Rodica SIMINIUC, head of the PhD and Postdoctoral Directorate, UTM.

At the recent Senate meeting, the head of the DDP proudly presented the results recorded by the UTM PhD students during the 2018-2019 academic year. Each of the three doctoral schools experienced the joy of the success of their disciples, winners of the Government Excellence Scholarship for 2019:

  • Irina GRUMEZA – 03. Technology of food products of animal origin (specifying products and procedures), third year, Doctoral School of Food Science, Economic Engineering and Management (director: Pavel TATAROV, PhD, Prof.), author of the thesis “The technology of semi fabricated minced sheep meat with the addition of bioactive compounds” under the scientific coordination of the PhD, associate professor Artur MACARI;
  • Andrei PETCO – 242.01. Machine theory, mechatronics, second year, Doctoral School of Mechanical and Civil Engineering (director: Petru STOICEV, PhD, Prof.), author of the thesis “Increasing the energy efficiency of centrifugal pumps by mathematical modeling and numerical calculation of fluid flow” under the scientific coordination of Dr., prof. Viorel BOSTAN;
  • Cristina EFREMOV – 01. Energy systems and technologies, second year, Doctoral School of Computer Science, Electronics and Energy (director: Sergiu ZAPOROJAN, PhD, associate professor), with the thesis “Contributions to increasing the flexibility of the energy system in order to integrate sources of renewable energy” under the scientific coordination of Dr., prof. Valentin ARION.

Another outstanding achievement was the PhD student of the Computer Science, Electronics and Energy Doctoral School, Sveatoslav POSTORONCĂ, who presented his thesis, on which he works – “Integrating smart micro-networks into energy distribution networks” (scientific coordinators: PhD, prof. Tudor AMBROS and PhD Vladimir BERZAN) in French, in just 3 minutes, within the Contest “My thesis in 180 seconds”, organized by the Francophone University Agency, winning the 1st place

Furthermore, the participation of the PhD students in different conferences and exhibitions, during which, together with consecrated researchers, acquired various trophies, medals, diplomas. It is conclusive evidence that the 82 scientific coordinators (3 academicians, 31 PhDs, university professors, 38 PhDs, associate professors) involved in guiding PhD students and the approximately 340 PhD mentors pass on the research knowledge to some worthy successors, among them – 25 have submitted their doctoral theses in 2019, another 27 are already in the fourth year of doctoral studies, 28 – in the third year, 23 – in the second year, and 35 – in the first one. The doctoral studies at UTM are also requested by foreign citizens – from the Republic of China, Iraq, Israel and Romania, proof that the technical-engineering research at UTM certainly has solid prospects at an international level.

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