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FIEB and UNISIM-SOFT are teaming up to develop ICT skills

In the study discipline “Information technologies in accounting”, the students of the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, gr. C-181 benefited from a master class offered by Violeta DRAGNII, consultant manager of “Unisim-Soft” company.

Being a quasi-total necessity of the modern economy in the industry 4.0, the development of digital skills has become a priority in the collaboration between the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business and the company “UNISIM-SOFT”: the specialists of the company consult the teaching staff in order to improve the teaching act by including the ICT component and invites them to attend various thematic conferences.

In this context is also included the master class offered by Violeta DRAGNII, consultant manager “Unisim-Soft”, who, in collaboration with lecturer Lidia SURDU, presented the software una.md (ERP platform, ORACLE based) within the discipline “Information technologies in accounting”. The software interface, functions, tools and possibilities that facilitate the recording of accounting, financial and economic documents were examined; generating interest reports for the owners of the entity, the fiscal service; the grouping of the accounting elements for the statistical reports to the state bodies, etc.

At the same time, new prospects for collaboration were pointed out  in the “Marketing and Logistics” specialty within the FIEB, placing a special emphasis on the logistics of production, the logistics of providing materials, optimizing the logistics activity.

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