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UTM at the top among universities in the Republic of Moldova, according to the Ranking Web of Universities (January edition, 2020.1.1)

The Technical University of Moldova is a leader among the universities of the Republic of Moldova, according to the latest report (The January edition, 2020.1.1: http://webometrics.info/en/Europe/Moldova%2C%20Republic%20of?fbclid=IwAR1SH_wtygzZP9uBzmBkHJhhPdT5&mcTe5Q&cTe=5&M World% 20Rank [1]) published by Ranking Web of Universities (Webometrics) on January 28th, 2020, a top that analyzes over 28,000 universities worldwide, including higher education institutions in the Republic of Moldova.

According to the Webometrics report, UTM ranks first in the Republic of Moldova, 154th place – in Central and Eastern Europe, 838th place – in Europe and 2960th in the world.

Comparing the data presented in July 2019 by Webometrics, UTM climbed in the ranking from the position 3344 to the 2960 in the world! The Excellence Index currently having a value of 3304 – the highest of all Moldovan universities, representing the quality of scientific articles published in high-impact international journals, being in the first 10% most cited in a certain field. This is a considerable improvement and well-deserved appreciation granted to UTM!

Indicators taken into account by Webometrics:

50% – visibility – the total number of external links received by the University web domain from third parties;

5% – online presence – position in search engines and global visibility on the Internet;

10% – opening – the total number of documents published on dedicated sites;

35% – excellence – the quality of scientific articles published in high impact international journals, in the first 10% most cited in a certain field.

We remind you that the Technical University of Moldova registered the best result in terms of evolution, among the universities in the country, in the Ranking Web of Universities (Webometrics) published in July 2019. Then, compared to January, UTM climbed 77 of positions in the ranking, occupying position 3344 in July in the list of over 28 thousand universities worldwide.

Currently, in the ranking of January 2020, UTM has achieved an exceptional result, climbing over 350 positions in the global TOP. It is the obvious product of the consolidated effort made during the last years by the academic community of the University, according to the Institutional Development Strategy consistently promoted by the rector of UTM, prof., Dr. Viorel Bostan – a top manager, who pushes UTM among the most prestigious universities in the world.

Webometrics is a top created by Cybermetrics Lab, a research group within the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research, since 2004. The ranking within this top is based on publicly accessible web data, the results being made public in January and July, every year.

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