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A workshop on Project Management with Ilia KLEIMAN

Expert Ilia KLEIMAN, qualified by the Federal Union of Experts from Germany in the field of Quality Management and Production Organization, made a visit to the Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering of the Technical University of Moldova to share to the students and teachers the experience gained through successfully completing his projects.

Lately, the importance of project management is increasingly being noticed by the community of business people, especially by managers/owners of companies and enterprises, regardless of the sphere and the extent of their activity.

Most of the problems that arise in the process of project implementation are predictable and can be managed promptly at the right time. However, it must be taken into account that, often, the problems in question do not arise by themselves, but in the absence of systemic management, in this case, of projects. Hence the need for serious training in the field of company management personnel.

Why is project management important? What are the factors that determine high quality project management? What is the key to the success of effective project management and what paths does it open in the future? What steps are to be planned in a project? How are the functions and responsibilities distributed in a project? What resources are needed for a successful project? How to control the implementation of the project?

This workshop, lasting more than 4 academic hours, delivered to the audience basic concepts about the important elements of systemic project management. Important issues were addressed on the topic, such as: project definition, the main elements of project management, the international standard ISO 21500, and also practical exercises with project management elements (the full presentation can be found here [1]).

Expert Ilia KLEIMAN is an older friend of the Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, and the topics he addresses during his visits also emphasize his position as a specialist with a solid training in the field: training and internships in quality management, international marketing at Friedrich Garenfeld International Consulting, Düsseldorf. Specialist in quality management systems (ISO) Food-Management systems HACCP, IFS, IFS-Logistic, ISO 22000. Qualified expert in high quality management/Federal Union of Experts of Germany.

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