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UTM obtained funding for 13 research projects through the “Program de Stat” (2020-2023)

According to the results of the contest “Program de Stat” (2020-2023) [1] (State Program), organized by the National Agency for Research and Development (ANCD), the teams of researchers from the Technical University of Moldova have obtained funding for 13 fundamental and / or applied scientific research projects, which are aimed at acquiring new knowledge, defining and verifying new hypotheses and theories in various fields of science.

Thus, following an extensive and rigorous selection process, the ANCD, as a central public authority implementing policies in the fields of research and innovation, selected 13 projects of the research teams within the UTM for funding, in accordance with the priorities and directions/strategies approved by the Government, as follows:

Priority II: Sustainable agriculture, food security and food safety

  1. Improvement of food quality and safety through biotechnology and food engineering (project manager: dr. Rodica Sturza);
  2. Personalized nutrition and intelligent technologies for my well-being (dr. Rodica Siminiuc);

Priority III: Environment and climate change

  1. The study of the wind and solar energy potential of the Republic of Moldova and the elaboration of conversion systems for dispersed consumers (Dr. Valeriu Dulgheru);

Priority IV: Societal challenges

  1. Education for the revitalization of the national cultural heritage through traditional processing technologies used in the Republic of Moldova in the context of multiculturality, diversity and European integration (dr. Viorica Cazac);
  2. Communication of the Modern City intelligence by implementing the Innovative Systems of public lighting (dr. Nicolae Mogoreanu);
  3. Increasing the value of the architectural heritage in the Republic of Moldova (dr. Svetlana Albu);

Priority V: Economic competitiveness and innovative technologies

  1. Study of optoelectronic structures and thermoelectric devices with high efficiency (dr. Vasile Tronciu);
  2. Elaboration and launch of the series of nanosatellites with research missions from the International Space Station, monitoring, post-operating and promotion of space technologies (dr. Viorel Bostan);
  3. GaN-based nanoarchitectures and three-dimensional arrays of biological materials for applications in microfluidics and tissue engineering (dr. Eduard Monaico);
  4. Glass chalcogenides with self-organized space networks for bioengineering (dr. Dumitru Țiuleanu);
  5. Increasing the competitiveness of the processional transmissions by elaborating and capitalizing the gear with “conform” contact of the teeth and extending their area of ​​application (acad. Ion Bostan);
  6. Models, algorithms and technologies for the management, optimization and security of cyber-physical systems (dr. Ion Fiodorov);
  7. Indigenous integrated electric traction systems for urban passenger vehicles (dr. Ilie Nuca).

The contest was attended by 4496 people: 249 research teams, whose project proposals were divided in 5 priorities, UTM being in 4 of them, except for Priority I: Health. Following the recommendations of the ANCD Council, to the 101 projects initially proposed for funding, 66 more were added. In the hierarchy of the 46 institutions represented in the competition, the Technical University of Moldova occupies the 5th position.

Approval of selected projects for funding [1]

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