FEIE: a new class of 26 Master’s graduates

The Department of Energetics and Electrical Engineering within the Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering has a new class of 26 graduates of the Master’s Degree.

The 6 Master’s graduates of the study program “Energy and environment” have addressed in their Master’s theses a wide spectrum of issues of major importance for the energy sector of the Republic of Moldova. Focusing on the two general objectives pursued by the country’s energy policy – promoting renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, the graduates reflected on the goal of energy autonomy of Ungheni municipality; on the reconstruction of CET-1 by equipping the plant with cogeneration plants based on the application of internal combustion engines; on the modernization of the thermal energy supply system of a residential block by integrating renewable energy sources, which would be the constituent elements of a long-term development strategy of SACET Chișinău.

A wide spectrum of pressing issues in the field were addressed in their Master’s theses by the 15 graduates of the program “Electroenergetica”. They presented a detailed analysis of the possibilities of interconnection of the power systems in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, but also a study on the implementation of Smart Grid technologies in the Republic of Moldova; they spoke on the implementation of innovative technologies in the electrical distribution networks (6-35) kV and proposed ingenious solutions regarding the modernization of the lighting systems in the buildings of the Public Services Agency.

Another 5 Master’s students graduated the program “Engineering and quality management”, impressing the evaluation committee with deep investigations in their Master’s theses on issues of major importance for the given field. The graduate Petru Cravețchi referred to the stationary metal tanks for the storage of petroleum products and their metrological assurance. Mihail Doboș proposed solutions for optimizing the electricity supply system of the company ÎS Glass factory in Chișinău. Victor Ilieș spoke about the interpretation of the decision rules in the 2017 version of the ISO 17025 standard regarding the conformity of the measuring tools. Tudor Popa reflected on the research and development of the national standard of lighting, and Vasile Raru – on the process management in the local public administration.

Representatives of the various companies and enterprises – “RED-Nord”, “Termoelectrica”, “Moldova Gaz”, “TehLab Service”, “VERITRANS PLUS”, “Ionel”, “Carmez”, “Franzeluța” were invited to the public defense of the Master’s theses. The teachers and thesis supervisors – associate professor, Dr. Viorica Hlusov, head of the Energy Department; associate professor, Dr. Ilie Nuca, head of the Electrical Engineering Department; but also the associate professor, Dr. Andrei Chiciuc, associate professor, Dr. Mihail Guzun, associate professor, Dr. Alexandru Tarlajanu, appreciated the effort of the Master’s graduates in the investigations carried out within the Master’s theses and wished them success in professional activity.

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