17 graduates of the Master’s program “Restaurant Management and Catering Services”, Faculty of Food Technology (FTA), successfully defended their Master’s theses. The dissertations reflected the results of important scientific investigations, carried out by the graduates of the Department of Food and Nutrition (DAN) in two major projects.

The first one is the state project of innovation and technological transfer “Elaboration of biotechnology and implementation of the modern production line of naturally occurring spiced vinegar of high quality, competitive on the internal and external market” (coordinator: acad. Boris Găină), during which the works that stood out the most were “Isolation and characterization of the species potentially involved in vinegar production from wine products” (author: Maria Natibulina) and “The effect of bentonite fining on the quality of wine vinegar” (author: Cristina Ocinschi).

Another list of Master’s works were elaborated within the project TC 19.80012.51.09A “Functional products obtained by using the natural agents of texture and carotenoids”. The impressive results recorded by students Alina Griza, Victoria Gore, Marina Cutis, were noted in the scientific research on the impact of the addition of white sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) on the quality of the yogurt; the technology of manufacturing functional gelling products with natural dyes from inland sources; obtaining food emulsions based on grape seed oil with high carotenoid content.

The examination commission of the Master’s theses – associate professor, Dr. Valentina Calmâș (chairman), Department of Trade, Tourism and Public Food, ASEM; associate professor, Dr. Aurica Chirsanova (vice-president), head of the Department of Food and Nutrition, FTA-UTM; as well as DAN-FTA teachers, members of the commission – associate professor, Dr. Vladislav Reșitca, dean of FTA; prof., Dr. Olga Deseatnicova, Dr. Tatiana Capcanari, encouraged the Master’s graduates Maria Națibulina and Cătălina Negoița to continue their research activity in the Doctorate Degree cycle.

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