The period between 15-20 January 2020 was marked by the Master’s thesis defense presentations at the Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre (FCGC) within the Technical University of Moldova (UTM).

This year, at the FCGC,  62 theses were defended by graduates of the Master’s, most of them, 19, for the program “Fire Safety and Civil Protection Engineering”, others, 18, for the program “Real Estate Evaluation and Administration”, 12 – “Real Estate and Cadastral Law”, 8 – “Structural Engineering”, and 5 – “Geomatics and Cadastre”.

Through FCGC, UTM is the only university education institution in the Republic of Moldova, which offers Master’s degrees in the respective fields / programs. What is the specificity and what spectrum of activities the respective fields / programs cover?

Structural Engineering (90 ECTS). Initiated in 2008 and aligned with European standards in 2016, through the European program ERASMUS+ KA1, it has offered academic mobility for studies, internships and courses at the National School of Engineers in Saint-Etienne (ENISE) in France, which 6 students and 3 teachers from FCGC benefited from. The studies within the program focus on the modern design of structures for civil and industrial constructions.

Real Estate Evaluation and Administration (90 ECTS). It was initiated in 2018, based on the Master program “Cadastre and building development”, and, in 2020, it already had its first graduating class. The specialists in the field are active in the management of residential, commercial, industrial real estate, as well as in the field of technical and economic evaluation of real estate.

Geomatics and Cadastre (90 ECTS). Also initiated in 2018, based on the Master program “Cadastre and building development”, and having the first graduating class in 2020. Geomatics involves the automatic processing of data / information resulting from terrestrial measurements (GNSS, laser and air scanning, photogrammetry, etc.) and involves the management and analysis of spatial reference phenomena. Spatial / geographical analysis is the real support for applications in multiple fields, such as: construction, architecture, environmental issues, urban planning, geology, archeology, agriculture, health and even politics. The cadastre is a state information system containing land records, related objects and rights thereon, being constituted of the cadastre of real estate and specialized cadastre (according to the Law of the cadastre of real estate of the Republic of Moldova, 1543-XIII since February 25, 1998).

Fire Safety and Civil Protection Engineering (90 ECTS). Initiated in 2008 and modernized in 2016, the opening of this Master’s program is particularly due to multiple requests and consultations with the partners from the social-economic environment. The skills and competences developed by the Master’s graduates were coordinated with social partners, who subsequently hire graduates: The General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova; The Rescue and Fire Department; The Training Center of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

Real Estate and Cadastral Law (90 ECTS) is one of the few programs in the Mater’s cycle, accredited in the RM at an international level. It was initiated in 2008 with the initial name “Patrimonial law” and renamed in 2018 at the suggestions of international experts. The graduates of the program are active in cadastral bodies and in the protection of the norms of law, real estate companies, public authorities, in order to defend the patrimonial rights on real estate.

Construction Project Management (90 ECTS), a Master’s program initiated in 2019, which will have graduates in January 2021. The skills and competencies required for the program graduates have been agreed on with specialists from the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure; Institute of Scientific Research in Construction “INCERCOM” ÎS; Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova; economic agents active in the field of construction on the RM market.

Congratulations to students, graduates, teachers, but also to specialists in the fields of law, architecture and construction involved in the educational process and the evaluation commissions for the 6 Master programs nominated!

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