This year, the program “Design and Polygraphic Technologies” registered the fifteenth class to their Master’s cycle.

The masters defended their theses publicly, addressing topics centered on: implications regarding the aesthetic solution of biodegradable multifunctional labels, the study of the diversity of typographic fonts and their influence on the visual perception of the typographic products, the analysis of the possibilities of ensuring the high quality of the photographic images, the study of the influence of the corporate style on promoting the identity of trademarks on the market.

Examination Committee: chairman, Dr., prof. in the Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova, Tudor Stavilă; vice president, Dr., associate professor Viorica Cazac; committee members: Petru Balan, Master of Arts, associate professor; Jana Cîrja, Dr., associate professor; Natalia Marcenco, university lecturer, mentioned the diversity and applicability of the topics addressed derived from real case situations in the economic environment, the preparation and the substantiated argumentation of the answers offered to the questions asked, the complexity of the elaborated works.

After announcing the grades, the masters were congratulated on the occasion of successfully defending their works and graduating from the Master’s cycle, the teachers wishing them much success and perseverance throughout their professional career.

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