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Master’s in Interior Design graduating class of 2020

What is the connection between Open Space and Eco Design? Or between Smart House and the Science Museum? They are factors of the same complex, but important field – interior design. The notions and concepts of this field have been deciphered by the 12 Master graduates from the current year of the study program “Interior Design”, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning.

The 12 Master graduates of the current class have shown, in their theses, that they fully deserve the qualification of Interior Designer and Master in the field. They have deciphered the notions of Open Space, Eco Design, Smart House and proposed elegant solutions for their arrangement. They have developed an ingenious concept of interior design for the Science Museum. They also contemplated on the aesthetic harmonization of the bedrooms, the children’s room, the kitchen and the living room in homes, referring to the role and importance of lighting, furniture, polymeric materials and proposing the idea of intelligent integration of the mosaic in the household environment. A multitude of design solutions for the usual and aesthetic decoration of a modern home were suggested by the fresh Masters in Interior Design – Lilia Andritchi, Nicoleta Botnari, Tatiana Braguța, Daniela Carage, Svetlana Chirova, Maria Funze, Iulia Matvienco, Doina Odagiu, Tatiana Osipov, Sorina Sagaidac, Nicoli Serbin, Dumitrița Spatari.

It is only natural to consider the achievements and high level of preparation of graduates when we take into account the guidance offered by the teachers – masters in the field, who shared their experience through various symposiums and conferences, and directed them in their Master’s dissertations in the role of supervisors. These are teachers with scientific degrees in the study of Arts and Architecture: associate professor, Dr. Liliana Condraticov, Dr.  Alexandru Cocin, Dr. Tatiana Buimistru, Dr. Angela Munteanu, joined by the president of the Master’s thesis evaluation committee – D Arch, corresponding member AȘM, Mariana Șlapac, scientific researcher at the Cultural Heritage Institute of the Republic of Moldova.

Dumitrița Spatari expressed her appreciation for the teachers through handmade postcards, with the image of a spiral staircase and the inspiring quote: “The teacher is like a ladder, with the help of which his disciples climb higher!“, related to the topic of her thesis: “The staircase – a constructive and aesthetic element in interior design”. Her appreciation was answered by her dissertation coordinator, associate professor, Dr. Tatiana Buimistru: “Here was born a true designer – intelligent, talented, with a big heart! Thank you!“, a message directed to the whole graduating class.

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