The FCGC announces its first generation of Masters in Real Estate and Cadastre Law

The Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre (FCGC) of the Technical University of Moldova has announced its first generation of graduates of Master’s in Real Estate and Cadastral Law, the only scientific Master’s program of its kind in the Republic of Moldova.

The committee consists of the teachers who guided them during their professional training – prof., Dr. Mihail BIRGAU (president), prof., Dr. Svetlana ALBU, associate professor, Dr. Ina BOSTAN, associate professor, Dr. Viorica URSU, associate professor, Dr. Alla CLIMOVA, renowned specialists in the field – judges, lawyers, construction experts, administrators in the insolvency process, mediators in the field of justice, proudly noted the good training of their disciples in jurisprudence, the patrimonial law, the evaluation and management of buildings, but also in the specialized fields of FCGC – geodesy, cadastre and geotechnics. Thanks to the knowledge accumulated during the studies, they have excelled with a great deal in approaching the topics chosen for research in their Master’s theses, such as the Non-patrimonial Personal Rights in the new regulations of the Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova; Property rights in the light of the ECHR; Action in revendication, a means of defending the property rights in the new regulations of the Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova; Theoretical and practical aspects regarding copyright and related rights and liability for their infringement; Expropriation for the cause of public utility; Types of entries in the register of real estate, etc.

The 12 graduates, the first Masters in Real Estate and Cadastral Law trained at FCGC-UTM, thanked their teachers for the specialized lessons and the life lessons in general, citing an old Latin didactic aphorism: “Magistrorum exempla, non verba discipulos educant” – “The examples of teachers, not the words, educate the disciples”.

Founded in 2002, the Department of Patrimonial Law within the Faculty of Construction, Geodesy and Cadastre of UTM, the predecessor of the current program of Law studies (Patrimonial Law), is the only educational entity from Moldova with accredited programs of higher studies both in the Bachelor cycle – in the field of Law, as well as the Master cycle – in the field of Patrimonial Law.

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