How did we get ready for winter?

The cold season always comes with “burning” needs. In the Technical University of Moldova, these needs are estimated for areas of thousands of square meters and amounts for millions.

In order to prepare the study blocks and the dormitories for the cold period of 2019-2020, the employees of the Technical Directorate of UTM performed an important volume of work on changing windows in classrooms, passage spaces and stained glass windows on floors, changing wooden doors to PVC doors on balconies on each of the floors and kitchens; metrological verification of hot and cold water water-meters; hydropneumatic washing of the heating system; replacement of all heat energy counters with new type appliances, etc.

The largest volume of work for the thermal rehabilitation of buildings was registered in the capital repair of the roofs, which covered a total area of ​​3300 square meters (lecture rooms 5/1, 6/2, galleries, study block no.10 , annex of the dormitory no.10, the dormitories no.12, no.3) and a total value of 1 015 400 lei. The covering of the outer walls required the installation of 278 pieces of PVC cover in the study blocks and 139 – in the dormitories, the total value of the work estimated at 1214 403.47 lei.

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