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UTM advises the construction of an Industrial College in Comrat

The project regarding the construction of an Industrial College in Comrat is planned to be started in the current year. The Gagauz authorities study the concept of this technical institution, requesting the advice of the management of the Technical University of Moldova and of the Engineering College in Strășeni.

The Comrat College will train specialists in the priority specialties for the region, including computer science and information technology. The rector of the Technical University of Moldova, prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, gave assurances to the Gagauz officials, who requested the UTM involvement in this matter of major importance for UTA Gagauz-Yeri, that he will fully support the initiative of the UTAG authorities and will delegate qualified teachers to support the first stages of the activity of the technical education institution of Comrat.

Having a programme elaborated according to the German model, with the contribution of economic agents in the courses – ZEL partners, the administration of the Engineering College from Strășeni, opened in 2018 in the Strășeni subarea of ​​the Free Economic Zone “Bălţi”, is willing to support, in the form of exchange of experience, the operation of the new college in Gagauzia.

The Comrat Industrial College will be built with the support of Turkey and will be named after the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The initiative was also welcomed at the December 2019 meeting in Ankara between UTA governor Gagauz-Yeri, Irina Vlah and the administration of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), which supports several projects in the region.

The Technical University of Moldova maintains a long-term partnership with UTA Gagauz-Yeri. Since 2018, UTM, represented by rector Viorel BOSTAN, annually signs an important memorandum with the governor of Gagauzia Irina VLAH, on the basis of which the Gagauz authorities fully cover the tuition fee for the young Gagauzians who choose to continue their studies at a faculty within UTM. The document comes to emphasize year by year the importance conferred by the authorities of the region for technical-engineering professions, these being of major importance for the development of human capital, the economy of the country and, implicitly, of the economy of Gagauzia.

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