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ANACEC certifies JES as a B+ type scientific publication

According to a recent decision on the evaluation, classification and monitoring of scientific journals, the Management Board of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research approved the inclusion in the list of scientific publications of type B+, for a period of 4 years, on the profile engineering sciences and technologies, the Journal of Engineering Science (JES), whose founder is the Technical University of Moldova.

JES (https://jes.utm.md/ [1]) is an international journal focused on innovation and creativity in engineering and includes four issues: Industrial Engineering (A); Electronics and IT (B); Architecture, civil engineering and environment (C); Food engineering (D).

Supervised by the editor-in-chief, prof., Dr. Rodica STURZA, the magazine has a quarterly periodicity (4 issues per year) and inserts in its pages the results of the scientific investigations of the teacher-researchers, contributing significantly to the dissemination of information in specific fields, the intellectual training of Bachelor students, PhD students and all readers. Written in English, its access to new databases and international catalogs, increase the visibility of UTM in the arena of the international scientific community with certainty.

Founded in November 2018, the “Journal of Engineering Science” owes its appearance to the reform of the University’s editorial policy, being the successor to the technical-scientific quarterly magazine “Meridian Ingineresc”, founded in 1995, whose uninterrupted appearance, in Romanian, for over two decades, was due to the deputy chief editor, prof., dr. Valerian DULGHERU.

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