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In Memoriam Aurel Marinciuc

The pedagogue, physicist, publicist, bibliophile, philanthropist of the Technical University of Moldova – Aurel Marinciuc, has passed away.

Born on August 10th, 1932, in a family of teachers from the village of Crișcăuți, Soroca county.

He has been active at the Technical University of Moldova since its foundation (1964). In the same year, 1964, he successfully defended the doctoral thesis in physics-mathematical sciences regarding the applications of Feynman diagrams in solid body physics. He contributed to the founding of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics, being its first head (1964-1969). Simultaneously, in the years 1965-1967, he was dean of the Faculty of Mechanics. He began to teach the course of quantum mechanics, when scientists have only begun to speak about the subject in the USSR. In 1967-1969 – dean (founder) of the Faculty of Electrophysics. He has led numerous campaigns for admission to the IPC (UTM), was the editor of the newspaper of the institution “The engineer” (1976-1982), and for years has been a permanent author of the UTM newspaper “University Messenger”.

He preferred to teach mathematics and physics, as they are the most exact sciences, but he also appreciated the beauty of other intellectual concerns. Parallel to the didactic activity, he was dedicated to the publishing-advertising realm. He worked on the editing of the album Technical University of Chișinău, the former Polytechnic Institute, whose foundation was marked by the rector Sergiu Rădăuţan. 

His contemporaries, who knew him personally, often remembered about the third block of the former Polytechnic Institution, which was where the current headquarters of the National Museum of History of Moldova is today. The building was old and in a deplorable state, having every chance of being destroyed permanently. But it was a historic building and had to be saved. Aurel Marinciuc had a meeting with the president of the Council of Ministers of the MSSR, I. Ustian, and convinced him that the historical edifice should not simply be repaired, but reconstructed from the ground up. And he succeeded.

With the same passion and selflessness he worked abroad, and his effort and involvement were appreciated with the highest government decoration of the Republic of Guinea, where he taught courses (in French) at the University of Conakry between 1988-1991; he was also awarded the Diploma of Honour of Conakry University, the only one in the university in that year (1991). And among the many distinctions, with which he was awarded at home, there is the Order of Honor of the Republic of Moldova (2014).

As a great pedagogue, but also a man with a big heart, he made donations of whole series of rare books to the libraries of Chișinău, Iaşi, Soroca, Clişcăuţi. The county library of Iași received a grandiose gift – fifty volumes from Voltaire’s work in the original language, and other tens of rare editions came to the National Library of Moldova.

He himself has left his name sealed in numerous writings, and from now on those who knew him will cite his name in the memories they will share to future generations.

P.S. The funeral will take place on January 15th, 2020, at the Armenian Cemetery in Chișinău, starting at 12.30.

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