If we consider a retrospection on the works executed for the preparation of the study blocks and the dormitories of the Technical University of Moldova for the 2019-2020 academic year, we note that they started exactly one year ago, and the merit for the positive evolution in the given aspect belongs to the Technical Directorate and its staff, headed by Dorin TROFIMCIUC.

If it is to delve into the details, we will enumerate several tens of types of works performed on each objective of UTM: capital, current, interior and exterior repairs in classrooms, laboratories, halls, stairs, galleries, but also facades, roofs; installation of electrical networks, sanitary blocks; Hundreds of radiator sections, thousands of sockets, switches, various thermal or electrical energy recording equipment, but also a series of works for arranging the adjacent territories. The types of work and their value differ from one objective to another, depending on their complexity – from 13.8 to 1714.9 thousand lei in the study blocks and from 10.8 to 971.4 thousand in the dormitories.

The work for the preparation for the 2019-2020 academic year are estimated at 5612.04 thousand lei – for the study blocks and 2001.40 thousand lei – for the dormitories. And the total value of the works carried out at UTM amounts to 7613.44 thousand lei.

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