At the end of the year, the weekly “Literatura şi Arta” (Literature and Art), together with its readers, designated the notorious personalities of the public and cultural life of the year 2019. This year, the event was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the paper, bringing together, at the “B.P.Hașdeu” Municipal Library in the capital, prominent readers, devoted and talented friends of the newspaper – poets, writers, publicists, essayists, literary critics, humorists, pamphleteers, artists, journalists, and, of course, scientists.

Moderated by the editor-in-chief of the journal, the poet, publicist and man of culture, Nicolae Dabija, who is also Doctor Honoris Causa of the Technical University of Moldova, the anniversary event included an impressive incursion into the biographical itinerary of the paper, going through the stages of the activity, the successes, but also the impediments faced by the publication over the six decades of struggle and resistance.

As a sign of appreciation of the mastery of those who left their works on the pages of the newspaper throughout the year, at the Gala of Awards of Excellence were awarded Diplomas of Excellence and the title “The Man of the Year 2019” to laureates of the weekly “Literature and Art” – three deserving representatives of the Technical University of Moldova: in the “Arts” compartment – Victor Cobzac, and in the “Publicity” compartment – Valeriu Dulgheru, but also Ion Tighineanu, who has been running the Center of National Study and Testing of Materials for years.

The festive atmosphere was completed by the ethnofolcloric ensemble “Ștefan Vodă”, with the cobzar Tudor Ungureanu and the well-known violinist and performer Maria Stoianov, who delighted the hearts of those present with the patriotic songs Dor, Neam, Patrie and Limba Română.

“Literatura și Arta” is a newspaper of the writers of the Republic of Moldova, founded in 1954. Over the years, the weekly has played an important role in the struggle of national revival.

„Literatura și Arta- 65 de ani”

Ansamblul etnofolcloric „Ștefan Vodă” cu starostele și cobzarul Tudor Ungureanu și cunoscuta violonistă, interpretă Maria Stoianov au încântat inimile celor prezenți cu cântecele patriotice ce promovează dragostea de Neam, Dor, Patrie și Limba Română.

Опубликовано Biblioteca Municipala B.P. Hasdeu Понедельник, 16 декабря 2019 г.

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