The Faculty of Food Technology supports the creation of an Agri-Food Center in Cărpineni

The local public authority of Cărpineni, represented by the mayor Ion CĂRPINEANU, some economic agents from the agricultural sector, but also the Faculty of Food Technology, represented by the dean of the Faculty, PhD Vladislav REȘITCA, and the head of the Department of Food Technology, associate professor, Dr. Artur MACARI, signed a collaboration agreement, which provides for the implementation of actions regarding the project of construction and endowment of an agri-food center in Cărpineni.

Between September and December 2019, in Cărpineni an innovative project was initiated regarding the development of value chains in the agricultural field of Cărpineni. In order to increase the added value of agricultural products in the region, it was proposed to create an Agri-Food Center to strengthen the efforts of the economic agents in the agricultural sector, for the development of the post-harvest infrastructure in the field of processing cereals, fruits and vegetables, as well as milk. To create this unit of processing of agricultural production, the town hall of Cărpineni in agreement with the local economic team have proposed an extensive study in the field, initiating a collaboration with the Technical University of Moldova, implicitly with experts from the Faculty of Food Technology, as well as attracting experience of international level by launching a partnership with the Mormon Community of Moldova. The project involves maintaining a permanent dialogue of the local authorities with new partners.

In the following period, the technological documentation, the project for the rehabilitation of the buildings, the cost estimate and the identification of the financiers for the arrangement and endowment of the Agri-Food Center from Cărpineni will be elaborated.

The activities are carried out within the framework of and with the support of the project “Migration and local development” (MiDL) launched by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Moldova for the empowerment and mobilization of migrants for sustainable local development.

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