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Success and performance in the implementation of eTwinning projects

On December 14th, over 75 teachers, students, school managers and decision-makers from the Republic of Moldova met at the 2019 eTwinning Plus Moldova Annual Conference “Success and performance in implementing eTwinning projects” to view the results of the hard work, the performances recorded by the teachers who are members of the eTwinning platform, but also to encourage and stimulate the promotion of the platform and the qualitative participation in eTwinning projects by rewarding the most passionate and involved members.

The event was opened by Mr. Viorel Bostan, Rector of UTM, who welcomed those present, noting that he appreciates the involvement of teachers in the eTwinning program, as they are those who form the generations that are about to step on the threshold of higher institutions. He emphasized that eTwinning is a program with a different approach than the traditional one and very close to the current needs of the country because it comes to actually solve problems and to implement didactic approaches, such as transdisciplinarity, which form the necessary skills for students to use in their future career and in their everyday life. Mr. Rector finished with wishing good luck to those involved in eTwinning.

The eTwinning program is implemented in the Republic of Moldova in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova, the representative from the ministry’s management team present at the event was Mrs. Olesea Ciobanu. Ms Ciobanu announced that the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research will continue to support the implementation of the eTwinning program in the Republic of Moldova – a program that contributes to the strengthening and improvement of the education system in the country, an instrument that exploits the pedagogical potential and promotes good educational practices for developing the skills necessary for the 21st century. Mrs. Ciobanu wished all eTwinners good luck and the enthusiasm necessary for continuing to promote these noble intentions.

Because every time an eTwinning project means not only a special connection with partners from other countries but also a consolidation and generation of changes at community level, Mrs. Cutasevici, Deputy Mayor of Chișinău, former Secretary of State for Education at the Ministry of Science Education and During the research, shared some thoughts with those present at the event. In her speech, Mrs. Cutasevici stressed that the Chișinău City Hall will support community projects, particularly focusing on strengthening the capacities of all pre-university institutions because they are generating new educational ideas with an impact on teachers, students and parents.

The National Support Office eTwinning Plus Moldova has reviewed the activity of eTwinning Moldova 2019 and the eTwinning projects holding 2019 National and European Certificates.

The event culminated with the 2019 eTwinning National Awards Gala, where the winning eTwinning projects of the “eTwinning Projects. Innovation and collaboration” competition were awarded. The “eTwinning 2019 Ambassadors were nominated, along with the “eTwinning schools 2019”.

The participants also socialized within a fourchette offered by the Didactic-Methodical and Production Center of the Technical University of Moldova.

It is worth mentioning that the event was organized by the Technical University of Moldova as a national eTwinning Plus Moldova Office in collaboration with the financial support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova and the European Commission.

The eTwinning Plus Moldova Annual Conference 2019 “Success and performance in the implementation of eTwinning projects” can be viewed on the eTwinning Plus Moldova Facebook page https://www.privesc.eu/arhiva/89463/Conferinta-anuala-eTwinning-Plus-Moldova- edition 2019-by-theme-Success-and-performance-in-implementation projects eTwinning- [1]

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