At the request of “Moldovagaz”, UTM will update its study programs in the field

Today, the rector of the Technical University of Moldova, prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, accompanied by the Vice-Rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, Dinu ȚURCANU, had a meeting with the President of the Administrative Board of “Moldovagaz” SA, Vadim CEBAN.

The parties held discussions regarding the collaboration aimed to improve the level of professional training of the engineering staff, their re-qualification and growth in the field of natural gas supply, the improvement of the quality of the service of the transmission and distribution systems of natural gas, the safe operation of the gas supply systems, reduction of the consumption of materials and energy resources, etc.

President Vadim CEBAN mentioned the support of the Technical University of Moldova in the training of engineers and continuous training in the field of natural gas supply. Also, some aspects related to the research and technological transfer projects were discussed, in which UTM can add value and technical-economic efficiency.

The administration of the Technical University of Moldova, for its part, underlined that UTM will ensure the high quality professional training and retraining of the personnel of the companies by organizing continuous training courses, seminars, thematic round tables, etc. Taking into account the requests of SA “Moldovagaz” and its affiliated companies, the university’s teaching staff will reflect the current trends in the improvement of the study and training programs, will carry out scientific research, with the implementation of the relevant results in the activity of the companies corresponding to the branch.

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