FCGC: Gala of Future Jurists, 1st edition

The Law Department of the Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre has designated its best students.

The “Gala of future jurists”, inaugurated on this occasion, was organized at the initiative of the Law Studies Program (with the contribution of Dr. Ina BOSTAN, Viorica URSU, Natalia CHIRIAC), in collaboration with the FCGC dean (dean: Dr. Livia NISTOR-LOPATENCO) and IDEI Department (head: Dr. Svetlana ALBU) and aims to encourage academic, scientific and extracurricular performances of Bachelor and Master’s students.

The diligence, activism and desire for knowledge of the laureates was appreciated with diplomas and applause from their colleagues.

“The best student of Republic of Moldova, 13th edition, Merit Scholarships” was declared Ana Maria TERTEA;

“The Graduate of 2019, Head of FCGC Class” – Ala ENACHI;

The student’s activity in different fields was also appreciated:

“Scientific research activity” – Ana Maria TERTEA, Mihaela STAMATI, Nica GRAUR, Livia MATEI, Elena SITARI, Liliana BAIDAN, Elena CARAMANUȚA, Victoria ROTARU, Dorina POTÂNGĂ, Cristina MACARU, Ala ENACHI, Galina TIPA, Albina ELETCHIN;

“Civic activity” – Ana Maria TERTEA, Mihaela STAMATI, Graur NICA, Elena FODOR, Livia MATEI, Alexandru GRIBINCEA;

“Volunteering for the benefit of the human community” – group DP-1608.

Also, the teachers of the Law study program, the Department of IDEI, the Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre was mentioned for their outstanding results obtained in the field of student coordination in scientific research activity at the Technical University of Moldova for the year 2019.

Since 2002, the Bachelor Program “Law” – lasting 4 years – in frequency education and 5 years – full time, and the Master Program “Real estate and cadastral law”, with a duration of 1,5 years are organized at FCGC. The Bachelor and Master programs are accredited by the Government Decisions no. 731 of 19.10.2015 and no. 883 of 28.12.2015, for a period of 5 years. UTM-FCGC prepares teachers for all areas of law, carrying out an in-depth study in the real estate field, by offering additional courses related to real estate / cadastral law, real estate evaluation, etc. The specialty “Law” is very favorable in the Technical University of Moldova. Thanks to a competent professional framework, a combination of legal knowledge with technical and economic ones is ensured, a necessary scheme in all areas of law. During the 17 years, a considerable number of specialists, true professionals, of whom we are very proud of, have been trained.

Sincere congratulations to the winners of the first edition of the Gala of future jurists from FCGC!

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