Expert Ilya Kleiman on “How to avoid getting lost in modern management?”

Expert Ilya Kleiman, qualified by the German Federal Union of Experts in the field of Quality Management and Production Organization, visited the Faculty of Energetics and Electrical Engineering on Monday, December 9th, to discuss with the students and teachers of the faculty a very interesting and relevant topic: “The basic mistakes in management”.

This workshop, lasting more than 4 academic hours, was a good opportunity to familiarize the audience present in the classroom with the general principles of the management system. In this context, the expert defined the importance and described in great detail various substantial issues on the topic, such as how to frame and implement the development strategy, what is process management and how it is performed, project management, knowledge management, how we obtain and maintain quality etc. Each aspect addressed was accompanied by various applied examples to confirm the theoretical concepts exposed.

The ability to draw attention and interest to various aspects of his vast experience impressed the audience, who nicknamed the guest a “master” in the field in which he works. For his part, the expert rewarded the interest of those present by providing them with a link with a broader rumination of the subject in a work talk with the title: “Как не заблудиться в современном менеджменте?” – “How to avoid getting lost in modern management?”

We thank the expert for this impressive dialogue!

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