Student Competition of Models of Wooden Bridges and Farms

The 5th edition of the CADRE competition – “Models of wooden bridges and farms”, organized by the Faculty of Railways, Roads and Bridges of the Technical Construction University of Bucharest (UTCB), had among its winners the students of the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture of the Technical University of Moldova (UTM).

Consisting of the creation and testing of some wooden models in the laboratory, executed according to the rules of the contest, from materials made available by the organizers, the competition tests the creativity, thinking and engineering wit of the students from the construction engineering program, in the attempt to create resistant and aesthetically fit models of bridges and wooden farms.

The contest was held in the UTCB halls and laboratories, culminating with an exhibition of models displayed in the hall of the Faculty of Railways, Roads and Bridges, that were later tested in the Materials Resistance Laboratory.

At the competition, UTM was represented by the students of the study program “Railways, roads, bridges” (CFDP) within the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture.

In the “Wooden Farms” section of the competition there were 7 teams registered. Among them was the student, Constantin GHERMAN, CFDP-171 group, who won the first place, his work “Design of a wooden farm” being recognized as the most successful one from the aesthetic point of view.

In the “Wooden Bridges” section, after the resistance tests, FUA-UTM students Ion ANGHEL and Artiom BELENIUC, from group CFDP-181, took the 6th place, surpassing 12 other teams.

Congratulations, FUA! 

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