ENDAVA Internships include trainees in real projects

What are the areas of activity of ENDAVA – one of the most important IT service operators in Moldova? What types of internship does it offer and how can you quickly gain work experience? To these and many other similar questions the students of the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics received exhaustive answers, when meeting with the representatives of the company.

The representatives of the company ENDAVA – Head of Architecture Vitalie PATLATÎI, Head of Analysis Vladimir VRÂCECE, Head of People Development and Recruitment Irina ROTARU, Development consultant Denis GANȚA, recruiters Nicoleta STOGU and Violeta BALAN, have revealed to the students many useful things about modern technologies, the development trends of the field and the role of internships in the future career of a student. At the same time, the guests also mentioned the paramount importance of the university studies in the formation of the future specialists.

Currently, the internship program offered by ENDAVA is organized twice a year, for a period of three months. Students can choose one of the 3 proposed areas: Software testing, Software development or Software management. During the internship, the trainees are exposed to an intense study program in various technologies, but also with involvement in real projects.

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