FCIM student Victor POPA – winner of the “Bursa Spetanței” competition

Victor POPA, a fourth year student at the Technical University of Moldova, the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, the specialty “Automatics and Informatics”, is the happy winner of this the 5th edition of the “Bursa Speranței” competition, organized by BCR Chișinău.

This year, the Selection Committee of the “Bursa Speranței” competition has named the winner of the research project “The intelligent multifunctional robotic system”, through which FCIM-UTM student Victor POPA set the goal to investigate the problem of rapid reconfiguration of robotic modules for performing various tasks. The project, which he’s working on in his Bachelor thesis, under the guidance of his associate professor, Dr. Irina COJUHARI, consists of creating an intelligent multifunctional robotic system with the possibility of later adding additional software and hardware modules without the basic system being essentially modified. This would allow to extend the functionalities of the robotic system quickly and with minimal investments, the hardware being based on a robotic arm that will perform the function of manipulator, an on-board computer for processing the information acquired from the sensors, the module for making subsequent decisions based on the data acquired from the external environment and a graphical interface that will allow the user to keep the operation of the robotic system in control and to view the statistical data. Also, one of the ideas is to use the management algorithms based on artificial intelligence with their integration in the robotic system.

The Committee underlined the practical importance of the proposed research project, considering it to be economically and socially viable and sustainable. Analyzing the presented cost estimate, which is quite modest – 6300 lei, the committee expressed its certainty that the allocated funds will be used mainly to purchase the equipment necessary for the implementation of the project.

The aim of BCR Chișinău through this competition is to motivate young people to expand their skills and talents by developing new projects and implementing modern technologies, urging students of technical, agricultural, pedagogical and medical sciences to apply to the next editions of the competition, in order to contribute, through their innovative ideas, to the development of the country.

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